This site is an on-line gallery of my digital art, research, writing and pedagogical projects. It was entirely built by me using no third-party themes or plugins with two exceptions: I use the Bootstrap grid system, and have borrowed some design ideas from the Material Design library.

All content is wholly owned by Brian MacMillan, except where noted. All rights are reserved.

Note that I have a second page at which has a bit more of my content, particularly photos and incomplete writing projects.

In terms of work, I have the following interests:

  • creating web interfaces (including maps) for large, real-time research data-sets, for example climate models or clinical trials, particularly ones which use python libraries such as matplotlib, numpy, seaborn
  • teaching digital media (everything from micro-controllers to software) and teaching other topics like mathematics using digital media (for example as a private tutor to a small class)
  • human rights and environmental advocacy
  • video art commissions

I am only looking for part-time engagements, though they can be ongoing.

Brian MacMillan