This site is an on-line gallery of my digital art, research, writing and pedagogical projects. It was entirely built by me using no third-party themes or plugins with two exceptions: I use the Bootstrap grid system, and have borrowed some design ideas from the Material Design library.

All content is wholly owned by Brian MacMillan, except where noted. All rights are reserved.

In terms of work, I have the following interests.

  • creating web interfaces (including maps) for large, real-time research data-sets, for example climate models or clinical trials analyzed using python libraries such as matplotlib, numpy and seaborn. I am familiar with a wide range of web-servers, database management systems and development frameworks.
  • teaching digital media to under-served populations in my neighborhood (uptown Manhattan).
  • human rights and environmental advocacy.
  • video art commissions and performances. My only active video projects are cubist dance video and videos algorithmically generated using basis functions. Please see the Videos tab of this site for examples.
  • research related to the Clay Belt region of Ontario. The Clay Belt, in the near north regions of Ontario and Quebec, is one of Canada’s strategic resources. It an area roughly the size of France that is in the process of becoming arable. It is not particularly productive land but it has the potential to produce food, or most likely, feed, at a gigantic level. Through an educational fluke, I am an expert on this area. I’d love to work part-time on a research and/or advocacy project dedicated to ensuring that this region is developed in a way that promotes the public interest.

Note that I only have 2 days a week to commit to additional work, but my schedule is quite flexible.

Brian MacMillan

PS Note that I have a second page at which I use as a staging server and storage area for trial-balloon projects, photos and partially formulated writing projects.