Work Experience I

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Consultant, Program for Survivors of Torture, 2013 – present. I manage PSOT’s data collection, analysis and research.

Instructor, The Daily Kos, Jan. – March 2019. This course involved a series of classes related to the management of a three-tiered web architecture, with a particular focus on the IBM Watson application programming interface, and the use of modern javascript techniques including promises and node JS.

Lecturer BMCC, spring and fall 2017 I taught MMP350, an advanced programming class featuring Bootstrap, php, WordPress, and web design concepts. The entire course can be viewed at MMP350 Home Page.

This was a temporary position in which I covered for a full-time Professor who had been assigned to a course development project. Over the course of the year I completely redesigned the course materials so that the class could be entirely taught online.

Guest Lecturer, Sarah Lawrence College Fall 2015. At Sarah Lawrence I taught the Innovation Lab, an inter-disciplinary class that focused on the application of technology to human rights issues. The goal of the class was to expose non-technical students to a range of new media technologies. Student projects that I closely supervised/mentored include an animation for an animal rescue shelter, a social media campaign about sexual assault, a web-based psychology research project, several interactive maps and visualizations using the D3 and ThreeJS video libraries. The class website is here: Innovation Lab Home Page . Student course work can be found here: Innovation Lab Summary of Student Projects

Adjunct Professor, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University, Integrated Digital Media Program, 2013 – 2015. At IDM I taught the master’s Thesis class; the capstone class for undergraduate studies for students in Sustainable Urban Environments program; the undergraduate capstone class in Integrated Digital Media; and the Graduate Colloquium class.

You can find out more about the class content at:

Thesis advisor, Polytechnic Institute / Tandon School of Engineering at the New York University Integrated Digital Media Program, 2012 – 2016. I have supervised 12 master’s thesis projects, including work on the visualization and auralization of brainwave readings using the MUSE portable EEG; visualization of transit and demographic information using Google maps and the D3 data visualization library; an animation of a student’s memories of traditional Beijing; and a game designed to teach Chinese ideograms to native English speakers; a haptic control for a miniature camera; and an animation/promotional video for Taiwanese tourism. In addition, I assisted over 50 master’s students with projects related to augmented reality, virtual reality, video production, animation and game design.