BMCC – MMP350 Advanced Web Design

MMP350 gives students the tools to build standards-compliant dynamic web sites. Students will incorporate client-side and server-side scripting with advanced CSS to create intuitive and interactive web interfaces.

From a technological perspective, the content management system WordPress will be the focus of the course, but other web technologies, development approaches and frameworks will be actively explored. A foundational knowledge of programming concepts, HTML, CSS and design for the web, is required for this course.

Over the course of the semester students, either individually or in small groups, will create a portfolio or blog using WordPress. With the instructor’s permission, the term project may use development frameworks such as Bootstrap and Angular.js and / or content management systems such as Drupal or Ghost. For the design component of the class,students may use image editing programs, for example Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Maya and AfterEffects. These technologies will be supported, as time allows, by the Professor, but are not considered critical pathAdd links to syllabus and course materials