When We All Have Brains

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When We All Have Brains is a collection of science fiction short stories. The book is complete and is being submitted to publishers for consideration – hence my use of password protection. If you are interested in reading any of these stories please contact me and I will provide you with private access.

The one story not protected by my pay-wall, Swimming with the Invertebrates, takes place in a near-future earth, where the Gulf Stream has stopped, the oceans have acidified and are now full of rapidly speciating jellyfish. The protagonist is an environmentalist who opposes human manipulation of the natural environment, specifically her uncle’s desire to return the Earth to what it was by recreating coral reefs and reactivating the Gulf Stream. The protagonist’s idea is that humanity should leave nature alone instead of trying to control it – a sensibility the same as with our contemporary environmentalists, but with the ironic goal of preserving acidic oceans and invasive species.

My intention is to illustrate this story with animations of squids. Donations to my Patreon account will help me to attain this goal.

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