August 2012 Anatomically Incorrect Festival, New York. I presented Flappescope, a dance piece created in Max/MSP which uses kaleidescopes, mirror images and an absolute difference shader. http://vimeo.com/46832207

August 2011 Mind-full Festival, New York. I presented a series of data visualizations based on noise algorithms, saw tooth waves and Voronoi tessellations. Several of these can be found on the video tab at brianmacmillan.ca, although the true impact of the videos cannot be seen, because the bitrates and resolution of the pieces are higher than can currently be viewed (practically) on the internet.

June 2011 Lucky 7 Festival, New York. I presented some of my cubist dance video experiments.

May 2011 Up in Arms Festival, New York. I presented some of my cubist dance video experiments.

April 2011 Euphoric Femme, Toronto. Artistic consultant on an installation piece that used blue tooth, Wii remotes and Max/MSP to create an interactive, multi-user sound and art piece. I worked with the artist Teresa Ascencao.

Feb. 2011        What Next Festival, Hamilton, Ontario. Premiered the video commission Rain Coming with the Hamilton Philharmonic. To view, please go to http://vimeo.com/24231550. Please note that the bit rate and resolution of the piece presents poorly via the internet.

June 2009       Necropolis Festival, New York. Presented a photographic exhibit of still images from videos created using absolute difference shaders, for example Glass Dance, http://vimeo.com/4727807.

May 2008       Tibetan Book of the Dead, New York. Presented an interactive video and motion- sensing installation.

Dec. 2007       V Brooklyn Video Festival, Brooklyn NY, December 2007. Presented a project which used Max/MSP to illustrate an object database of Brooklyn.

2004                Wai CafĂ©, NY. Presented portrait photography and 9/11 photographs.