Apocalypse Review


The Apocalypse Review is at the center of an eco-system of web pages that parody echo-chamber politics. For example, the joke Republicans to Replace Medicaid with Guns will reference a parody of conservative political commentary on SurrealClearPolitics.com, or TheShill.us which in turn will reference a parody of think-tanks at AmericansForPlutocracy.org, which in turn will reference comprised academic research at the UniversityOfMedicineHat.org which will cite the NGO OpacityInternational.org which will then link back to the original joke. Currently, only the ApocalypseReview is live. SurrealClearPolitics.com is next in the pipeline. It has been prototyped but still requires approximately $10,000 worth of work. AmericansForPlutocracy.org is third in the pipeline.

From a technological perspective, the core of the project is two docker scripts which generate site templates automatically, including everything from database creation, to styling, to https certificate generation and rudimentary security controls, all in a matter of minutes.

Tech-wise, I’ve limited myself to four sets of technologies, WordPress, the Google sponsored framework Angular 6/7, the Facebook sponsored framework React, and the Twitter sponsored framework Bootstrap. These  technologies, because they’re encapsulated, can be mixed together. This allows me to do tricks that more conventional publishing houses cannot, for example, the mixing up of Google maps and jQuery maps.

Ultimately, I hope that this technology will allow me to compete which much larger publishing firms, because it is relatively low maintenance, extremely scaleable, and multiple sites can be hosted on one server, allowing for shared resources for sites with relatively low traffic volume.

SO if you are looking to compete with Condé Nast, or want to set up an online community newspaper, please consider asking me to join your team.