Mapping Tools


NY13 Meta-Data Collection

One of my more interesting projects was creating a cell-phone based “baseline data collection tool” for cocoa farming research in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The tool allowed users to create points and polygons, which could be mapped, annotated and supplemented with images. The link below is my first pass at re-working the tool using the Google Maps 3 API. My goal with this project is to collect politically important meta data for NY Congressional District 13, where I live, for example development projects, re-zoning proposals and polling stations. Its tons of fun for me so I will be updating it on a very regular basis.

Click here to launch the app

Political Maps

The following link is to a map of US congressional districts

Click here to view Congressional Districts using D3

NY City Precinct Map Using Leaflet

NY City voting precincts using Leaflet

Marriage Equality

This is a visualization I did for a private client interested the legal history of marriage equality in the United States. Click to view the Marriage Equality Map. This example was written in jQuery mobile which is an awkward tool, to say the least.